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Get Gritty... a recap of how far we've come and where we are going.

Blue Grit has been a rewarding experience and passion project since its inception following the disillusion and dismay we all felt back in 2020.

When we were all frustrated, confused and dejected, I took to my personal social media to air my feelings of frustration, confusion, and dejection. Yet, in the face of scrutiny and distrust as a police officer, I shared my pledge to stay positive in the mission of service to my community. I outted myself as a cop.

The feedback was tremendous. Many people publicly or aside relayed how we needed more cops like me. This was one part humbling and one part angst-building. If only they knew! There were SO many cops like me- or better.

This feeling and feedback is what gave me the initiative to create Blue Grit- first through my @bluegritwellness Instagram, to share positive wellness and mindset information from health tips, to workout and nutrition info, to peer support advocacy. Sprinkle in a little lifestyle and "behind the badge" stuff. Share about my trials with sleep on night shift and lessons learned from chronic stress wreaking havoc on my hormone health.

I built this blog (sorry it's taken a backseat). I got active on LinkedIn and built my department's unique and personally-toned recruiting social media platform which still thrives in effectiveness today. Add in some TikTok (to reshare a few IG videos).. it's a lot to maintain it all.

I showed up on a couple podcasts to share my recruiting message and then to share my story. Shoutout to the Police Applicant Podcast (Ken and Minerva), Anthony at the Off Duty Podcast (ep. 131), Steve at Things Police See (3/29/23), Abby at On Being a Police Officer (Ep. 47), Jerry at Enduring the Badge (S5, Ep23), Larry at the Papa Tango Sierra Delta (Ep. 29), and the On Purpose Podcast with Jerrod (ep. 217)... many appearances on The Collective with Chance and Shaun, and many more on deck.. to include Dave at the Hero Academy, John at Law Enforcement Life Coach, Greg at the Endless Endeavor and James at Behind the Shield! Stay tuned (follow along on IG so you don't miss those!)

I started the podcast, Blue Grit Radio, to share long form "How to be a Cop" and all the lessons that may help good people become cops and better cops. It brought in old friends, colleagues, mentors, and new friends, colleagues and mentors. It is truly a labor of love (very laborious at times, ask anyone about editing...) Better cops, better community. I truly see and believe in its impact, which is humbling. Now the podcast is also up on YouTube- subscribe there, Apple, Spotify, etc and give a 5 star review if you haven't! (prayer hands emoji for thanks!)

Everything feeds into itself as it grows, which is less sequential these days as it is growing in breadth and parallel. I started writing for police publications some time back.. it started with a firefighter/first responder blog (For the Brave) who reached out and grew into Police Chief magazine and a regular contributor to Police 1. I'm working with and building a LinkedIn space with Warrior Wellness- check it out if you haven't!!

All of these developments are things I am truly grateful for. If you asked me if I'd be doing ANY of this 5 years ago, I'd say you were out of your mind. If you asked me if I'd be a commander, I'd have laughed you out of the room. But if you asked me 20 years ago if I'd be a police officer at all, I would have probably stared blankly at you, wondering what it was you were smoking.

All of these projects have been points of reflection, mentorship and sharing, coaching at scale. They are a method not that I know best, but I know much. I know because I have lived, learned, and keep learning (through mistakes). They are to say I'm here, as you are here. I see you, I hear you. Here's "me" and I hope it helps.

As I keep building and growing my projects, pursuits and purpose, I recognize that out of the countless messages and coaching I have given through DMs, emails and calls, there is a next level that I will only be able to hit with specific, intentional calls or meetings.

Hence, I am kicking off small group coaching upcoming. I will work with those interested to find a doable schedule. Those signed up will get the benefit of a crash-course of all the facets of Blue Grit Coaching in a group setting.  Set for a 4-week series, we will dive into all the aspects of health, wellness, career, personal life and mindset.

There will be built-in opportunities for Q&A and interaction amongst the gritty attendees, as iron truly sharpens iron.

For members of the group, you will have access to message/email me with any questions or prompts with timely response for the whole duration of the series.

Email me at if you're interested to be on the list for any upcoming class notifications!

Thanks for coming along on this journey. For the betterment of ourselves, our families, our teams, the industry and the Community:

Stay and GET GRITTY!

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