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Blue Grit Wellness: What and Why

When people hear "grit," they think of being hard.  

Being tough. Being unyielding toward a goal.

Grinding 'til the bitter end.

As definitions detail, "grit" is more about courage and resolve.  Angela Duckworth's book of the same title explores how grit is more about a growth mindset for positivity and purpose.

"Blue" is a nod to my profession, which is law enforcement.  A career and community that has historically associated with the prior themes of being hard and tough.  A world where only recently discussion of mental and emotional health and support are becoming more common-place in some circles, yet still taboo in others.  

My career in law enforcement has put me on a path that brought to me my darkest, saddest, and most frightening moments.  It has conversely offered me a lens that has highlighted my highest points of elation and pride.  Policing, like many first responder careers, gives you one of the closest views of the human condition.  With that comes the bad, but also the extreme, awe-inspiring GOOD.

As many functional health practitioners and experts will recognize, TRUE health is not just about working out, but working in.  Blue Grit is about both. For meaningful health and wellness, we need to take care of all of our pillars:  


Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Social, Career


All of these are interwoven and continually feeding into one another.  


Life is about the journey, not the destination.  Health and Wellness are constant works in progress.  Being a first responder, has underlined the significance of taking care of all health aspects.  I have learned priceless lessons, through observation, literature, content, and personal experience. The last one includes volumes of mistakes and successes that lead me to guide and inform others.  


As I continue navigating my life, I have recognized that we ALL bear far too much stress to leave unchecked, unmitigated.

Blue Grit Wellness is a space to share my experience, learnings, and practice to help everyone improve their lives: health, balance, career, relationships... all for optimal quality of life.


This is the purpose of GRIT.


Follow and contact me at @bluegritwellness on Instagram or

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