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How to build a wellness program that works

Wellness has been a hot topic in the corporate space for many years. It’s common knowledge that a healthy, happy worker is a better, more productive worker. Fortunately, discussions and efforts toward better police wellness initiatives are becoming increasingly common. We can extrapolate this necessity for robust wellness efforts for first responders because the work is demanding and straining – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Fitness incentives, mental health services, gyms to use on-duty and peer support are some of the resources and assets that are more prevalent. But does having those programs mean an agency is well? What good is a free, confidential counselor if no one calls them? What good is a kettlebell in the corner if no one picks it up?

Numerous factors and obstacles exist, but these issues can be simplified into three categories: Stigma, logistics and mission focus.

By addressing it through the vein of fostering a culture of wellness, you can destroy those hurdles to create a team and department that is truly well.


For the full article, along with my other published work in Police 1 can be found here:

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