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Blue Grit Wellness

My name is Eric.  I've been a cop in Washington State for 14 years.  I've served as a field trainer for new recruits, K-9 handler, and crowd-control officer.  Currently I am a full-time patrol sergeant, leading a crew of officers daily and a part-time team leader for other units.

I coordinate my department's peer support team.  I facilitate critical incident stress debriefs and organize and deliver training to team members. 


As a fitness trainer for my agency, I program and lead group and individual workouts and coaching.  I develop, gather, and deliver content pertaining to wellness topics for my all personnel.  I am a Certified Functional Strength Coach via CFSC, Mike Boyle's system.  

I became a cop to help others and challenge myself.  Getting into peer support helped me take care of my people.  But peer support isn't just about the people in the walls of your workplace. It extends far into the greater community of law enforcement, first responders, and truly the Community of "All of Us."

Police work has given me a front row seat to a crash course in trauma and stress, both in what I have seen and experienced personally.  Although my work has given me a concentrated dose of the stuff, these ills affect us all.

Blue Grit is about collecting, learning, experimenting and sharing all things related to Wellness, Health, Mindset, and Leadership... pillars that help us all live better for ourselves and others.  

So, as I started a career in public service to be part of solution for my Community, in the same spirit, I share Blue Grit with you.  


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