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After the New Year...

The New Year can be a fantastic reason to make some goals and get after them. Maybe it’s a new workout routine, new diet strategy, early bedtime, daily step goals… the key is making sure it is SUSTAINABLE.

A strict regimen can be the boost you need to get the needle moving. What we want to avoid is the stuff we’ve all heard about:

  • Yo-yo dieting (where your weight shoots down due to water weight and shoots back up when you stop)

  • Low calorie crash Schmadvocare diets where you stop using their products and weight shoots back up

  • Super intense workouts

    • You aren’t used to them, so the high impact and/or high intensity leave you injured

    • so you are laid out and more inactive than before you started

Here are some things you can do to ensure lasting results:

  • Focus on the PURPOSE

    • Less about losing lbs, more about having your joints feel better, living longer, having energy for your kids

  • Recognize your progress

    • Even if the scale isn’t moving, are your clothes fitting differently? Are you relying less on coffee all day long? Are you smiling more?

  • Make a plan for after your month routine

    • Maybe you don’t want to weigh food or go “keto” for life. How do you transition out of it?

      • Focus on real food, not products

      • Make your workout part of your daily/weekly ritual that you can stick to

    • Write out your process so you don’t slide back into your old ways and feel like it was all for nothing.

      • This is super common in diet/fitness culture. (diet/binge cycle)

        • Or if you’re a Bro, bulk/cutting (but let’s be honest, for most people it’s just gaining 5-10 lbs of fat and losing the same amount on and off)

Here’s a pretty good list of tips to try or consider (minus volume eating, in my opinion):

Another article more on the planning and execution:


Ben Greenfield with Jason Koon, poker player

As an ex sprinter and professional poker player, they speak on how diet and exercise isn’t just for the physical aspect but MENTAL performance and acuity. If you truly care about being at your cognitive A-game, it’s worth making the improvements you can. They go deep into discussions of ketosis and nootropics for your nerds like me.

The Model Health Show 535, Secret Role of Fat Cells with Dr. Alejandro Junger

Take care, be well, share this out, kick ass, and all that other good stuff. Hit me up with what you want to see/hear/do and STAY GRITTY!


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