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Selling Snake Oil

I get a bit annoyed by this kind of content. I’m not hating on this dude’s hard work. No doubt he’s disciplined. But he is saying he doesn’t work that hard, diet that hard, and eats the crap you see pictured (swipe).

This kind of marketing preys on the insecurities and hope of the unconfident.

They sell a *possible yet *unlikely DREAM.

It is unlikely that any of us will get there and stay there sustainably.

It is unlikely any of us will get there and not hurt our hormonal health, mood, cognitive ability and/or sleep.

It is unlikely that any of us will get there and actually be HEALTHY (bloodwork, energy).

It is unlikely any of us will get there and not develop unhealthy relationships with food.

Trust me, I’ve counted macros, weighed food. Religiously. I did it with junk food, crap low cal “health” food, and more real food. The problem isn’t tracking food. This is a great tool to learn about diet/nutrition.

The problem is that without a PLAN (duration and stages) is that you are setting yourself up for issues. In each case, I lowered cals more and more and leaned out. In each case, I was slowly starving myself. In each case my stubborn ass and determination said if those guys posting can do it, so can I. In each case, my mood, sleep, hormones and relationship with food suffered.

And there are still effects.

This is not to disparage bodybuilders and physique competitors. Props to you! But most these days have a target date and a planned reverse diet where they gradually add calories back in and aren’t trying to hover in this super shredded photo shoot fantasy zone for too long.

So, in sum, at my age and experience, I say get after it and crush your goals. Realize there are no easy routes. Avoid the snake oil.

Focus on health first and what is sustainable. Focus on what feeds your passion and your soul.

And try not to compare yourself and think yourself less than. Hell, I know I do. Dudes are just as susceptible to body shame and food guilt as ladies. Find the balance that is right for you- that serves you.

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