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A Cop's Value depends on his Purpose

People with a determined, specific purpose toward a policing career make the best applicants.

They make the best interviewees.

They make the best recruits, the best students.

They make the best cops.

It is inevitable that the fervor and positive drive will wane at times. Possibly for weeks, months. But realize this- we are only as good as our purpose is STRONG.

Sometimes we need to be reminded. Sometimes it takes that one special call to snap us back into reality. Sometimes it takes talking to someone who truly feels helpless- in or out of the job- to realize how much we can do with a badge, legal knowledge and some conviction.

Sometimes we can’t wait and we have to talk to our friends and family: to be reminded. And sometimes we get asked and help remind each other. With a tap on the shoulder, a comforting smile, a focused gaze, and calming tone. “We got this.”

And you do.

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