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Heroes. Training, Mindset, Conviction.

These lads did us proud. Law enforcement. Civilians. Parents. They answered the call with conviction, and did what was NECESSARY, what we entrusted them, what we hoped they would do in the unimaginable.

Children targeted and killed. Unimaginable. Yet cops imagine it. They train for it, in physical scenarios but arguably more critically in their minds. All proficient officers do.

It’s called training your brain. You give yourself mental reps so it becomes second nature what you will do. You won’t have to ponder it. You won’t hesitate. You already game plan if this- then that. You take out the guesswork.

After Columbine, law enforcement officials and trainers recognized surround, callout and building a tactical team and plan was ineffective. Studies show active shooters stop when confronted by police or bystanders- armed or otherwise. Generally, upon police arrival, they will shoot it out or suicide. Either way, the murders of innocents stops.

As a new cop, I was introduced to these tactics. You need to move toward the sound of gunshots with swiftness. It started as maybe assembling with a couple you see as you arrive, or waiting for one. Quickly, in subsequent years the mantra and ideology was luckily spread that you GO. If it’s just you, it’s just you. If you arrive with two others before you enter in the halls, then fortune smiles upon you.

Mainstream media is appropriately dubbing these officers as heroes- even if it’s quoting someone else. This is deserved. It recognize professionalism and commitment toward service and values that cannot be overstated. It is to recognizes life saving and concrete minimization of a travesty that would have gotten exponentially worse in subsequent minutes or seconds.

Uvalde was an absolute disaster. It was an absolute failure. A failure in training, operation of police and and a breakdown of commitment to what this job is at its core. It is a failure of the utmost ideal that our job as adults in a society is to protect our young. No matter the cost. They are the future. Simple as that.

Thank you. As a cop, I am proud. As a father, I am grateful.

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