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Battle Buddy Talk: Hostage Rescue, Losing a Friend, and Leaving Policework

The new podcast episode is LIVE. 🔥🔥

There's a lot to unpack in this episode, and we barely scratch the surface!  Truly I could go on for hours with this guy... one of the best and loyal friends I will ever have: @trevorwolcottrealestate .

Trevor and I met through our time in policing at the same department 11 years ago.  We started as chummy bros, bonding over fun calls, crazy stories, and getting drinks with the fellas on our time off.  Over the years, he became one of my closest confidants in and out of the career.


We talk about law enforcement- the highs and lows that inevitably accompany the career.  We share some of our connected experiences and memories, to include our most bitter loss of our brother, Diego.  On the other end of the spectrum we reflect on a pinnacle of our career- a hostage rescue situation involving a child we responded to together.  

It was a blow to my psyche, my department, and the community when Trevor left policing.  We discuss the acceptance and positive perspective on leaving police before it stops serving you as well as the continued respect for a life of service- in and out of the uniform.

Nothing is guaranteed in this life, except the gratitude and attitude you bring to it.

Stay well, stay safe and STAY GRITTY.

➡️Blue Grit Radio podcast

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