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Strategize Mentorship for Agency Growth

This makes sense- so how do we translate it into policework?

With more new people than ever, what are the take aways?

1- It’s going to take longer to get things done. From simple calls to overall agency efficiency. This translates over to civilians in admin roles and the prosecutors office. This cannot be lost on bosses and peers alike.

2- We need to curb the anticipated clunkiness with intentional mentoring. We need to check in- be accessible and available as leaders and role models. It’s not about hovering or micro-managing, but it’s about being close by (phone at worst case) if any need or question arises.

3- Realize abundantly that policing is a team sport- more than ever. With deescalation, creative problem solving and contingencies being more developed on every call in this age, we need resources and people to create those multiple options.

What about the lone wolf- solo officers, troopers, or deputies in rural areas? Maybe you’re the only officer for miles, but you’re not alone. Lean into your community.. I know that in some towns your civilians are your back up.

Maybe it’s in a fistacuffs, maybe it’s by recording your lawful interaction. Maybe it’s being a good witness to help build a case and justify your probable cause.

Silos kill progress for the greater good. And our greater good is a safer community. Talk, mentor, engage.


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