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Police are NOT your Boogiemen

This. Has. To. Stop.

(Insert clap emojis)

Parents who teach their kids that cops will snatch them up for poor behavior are creating damaging associations and thought patterns.

If you agree (deserved or undeserved) that public trust in Police is critical need of intention and rehabilitation, recognize that imprinting this fear is catastrophic.

How can we hope to solidify relationships if kids are indoctrinated with fear? How can we get kids to go up to a cop if they are lost if parents are lazy/thoughtless enough to utilize this scare tactic.

Like most things, we can banter back and forth as adults, but the needle won’t move much. But if we want to maintain hope, for anything better, we need to invest in children.

It goes beyond socioeconomics and racial relations, too. Many a time, I’ve heard parents of every background nod at me passing by- telling their kids to act right or I would/could take them away.

And EVERY time, I furrow my brow at the parent, then smile at the kid, and say, “no, I wouldn’t do that.”

Can I get a sticker.. I mean a witness?? ✋🏽

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