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Mentor the Next Gen Cops

One of the best surprises of my Hiring Sergeant gig has been interaction with this program.

It started as one part recruitment trip, one part helping to moderate and coach police training scenarios (mock scenes) for the student cadets.

It quickly became one of my favorite experiences being able to mentor these young, driven women and men. The students volunteer to work events, and regularly dive into legal studies and practical exercises.

If you or someone you know is considering law enforcement as a career- and want to take the college route first- I would highly suggest you consider attending @wsupullman .

Perhaps for the sole reason of having the opportunity for the mentorship and practical skill and knowledge base that the @wsu.police.corps may afford you.

Thanks for having me back. I know nothing lasts forever, but I hope I can get a couple more runs at it.

*for those curious, I was running a building clearing scene. And for the future cops out there, my two biggest things I will impress in short are to SLOW DOWN and COMMUNICATE.

**if I was to add, it’s to glue yourself to your partner (shoulders or backs together) to properly cover angles and shield/mask/body block.

***also use the environment to your benefit. Flip the lights on. Move furniture. It’s real life- not a video game.

****also remember that motivated subjects can fit in teeny tiny places. We didn’t play dirty, but our subject was missed under a desk a couple times.

*****also, if it feels weird, listen to your gut. Again, alter your circumstances to your advantage.

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