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Father's Day and Breaking Cycles

I didn’t grow up wanting to be a cop, but I always wanted to be a dad.

My relationship with my own was a lot of things: complicated, dysfunctional, devolving, nonexistent, and fortunately - in the end- reconciled in empathy.

Much of my life, I wondered if I would/could be enough- especially in these critical, archetypical veins of being a man and a father.

And I can humbly say, I am. 🙏🏽

My gratitude for my family is beyond words. Of course my daughter makes me a dad, but she teaches me daily how to be a better one- and a better person. And it seems remiss to reflect on being a dad without recognizing how none of it would be possible without my wonderful bride and partner.

To the fathers or one-day fathers that wonder if they can be enough, despite never being “shown the way”…

You have been shown. Maybe it’s a clear example that filled that void for you. Maybe you cobble together the perfect example from your other family, friends, teachers and Atticus Finch. But you know what to do- or you’ll figure it out.

You are enough. We got this. 🤙🏽

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