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What leaders can do to raise their own trust

Trends are high all over for distrusting bosses aka the Brass.

Many first line supervisors aka Sarges can recognize the struggle. We are caught in the middle, rub shoulders with both camps.. trying to support officers on the daily and running concerns and ideas up the Chain.

I have seen on many account bosses who are trying and do care. Many accounts. Yet sometimes it didn’t translate well. It either wasn’t seen, felt, or interpreted smoothly.

And in our job, we say (and recognize) “perception is reality.”

So what is one to do as a leader?

Care. Put people first.

Communicate. Say what you mean. Even unpopular opinions are respected since they are shared and known.

Listen. You can’t do this without inviting conversation, engaging in it, and being present.

Patience. Empathy is a two way street, and it is facilitated with enduring patience and understanding.

Same team. Let’s recognize that and get moving in the right direction.

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